Review - Bonnie Lass #2

Bonnie Lass is back. Still seeking the Eye of Leviathan, Bonnie Lass #2 slows things down considerably and gives tons of insight into Bonnie's childhood, her troubled relationship with her father and the catalyst for her being the way she is. It's a stark contrast the fast pace of Bonnie Lass #1 but does answer quite a few questions

The trio of Bonnie, Benjamin Lass and Trick Fischer meet Doogan, an older gentleman with a seafarer's nature still in his blood. Over many, many beers, the four of them discover the scroll is tied in with a stone tablet that represents a map of sorts, most likely for the Eye of Leviathan. This serves as an excellent plot device to continue them on their quest for the treasure, with the issue ending on a somewhat sour note for the treasure hunters.

The bulk of the issue is a flashback as Bonnie is regaling Trick with tales of her youth. Michael Mayne and Tyler Fluharty successfully use that flashback to show Bonnie's transformation from her father's daughter serving under his command to the more free spirited incarnation you have now. She put up with a lot being the only female on the ship and proved to be more than a handful for most of the crew members. You also get the sense that Benjamin has stuck with her through thick and thin, shedding light on their current relationship as brother and sister.

My one complaint about Bonnie Lass is Bonnie Lass. I get that she's a free spirit and that she's big on throwing caution to the wind, but I feel like she does it almost too recklessly. Maybe I'm being a little prudish in evaluating her and she's supposed to be that reckless but for some reason it just rings a little hollow as I read. She comes across as less swashbuckling and more brash, which may be what ultimately redeems her further down the road.

Overall, the second issue answers a lot of questions while successfully moving the story along. Mayne pulls double duty as the artist as well, and his work is light and adds to the overall jovial tone of the book. This is Red 5's second issue of the digital only series and it should be available now. Check it out for an interesting pirate tale with a strong female lead, action-packed fights and rapid dialogue.