Review - Who is Jake Ellis #2

Over the years I've read many different types of comics that are each unique in their own way that basically is what make comics so great to read. Well the latest issue of Who is Jake Ellis #2 is one of those comics as it was a pretty good read and features anintriguing story packed. One thing I really enjoy about this comic is the structure of the panels makes it a lot easier to read and enjoy. If you're a fan of Jason Bourne and movies of that ilk I think you will enjoy this comic as well.
Jon Moore is in trouble again, this time in the form of being under arrest and about to be picked up by people that are probably going to kill him. Sound like a comic you would want to read right? Of course, since Jon is the one of the main characters it's pretty obvious they don't kill him in the second issue. It turns out that Jon and Jake have an evergrowing number of fans in pursuit, counting among them Americans and members of the facility that Jon escaped from.

Jake's role as sort of a guardian angel is interesting and I'm curious to see how it's explored in future issues. He's there at every turn as Jon seeks to be forgotten for his past with the CIA. It's an interesting approach that tackles the whole fate vs. free decision debate, as you wonder whether or not Jon would make these choices on his own should Jake not be guiding him.

Nathan Edmondson's writing is somewhat of an almost rapid back and forth between Jon and Jake. Jon has relatively one-sided conversations with Jake where Jake doles out instructions. Jon realizes that questioning them does no good really so he just goes along with them. Tonci Zonjic's art has a stylish vibe to it that gives the book an espionage feel, playing well with the story and dialogue.

I love the tense feeling this comic gives you as you read the pages and wonder what is going to happen next. An overall solid second issue that drives the story home to the reader and hooks you in even more as you continue to learn about Jon’s past. I can see this series going in so many different directions and I hope they stick with Mr. Ellis for more.