Action Comics #902 Cover

Normally issue #902 is pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of comics numbering. Granted, it does represent a significant duration of a particular title. That aside though, there's really nothing to momentous about it. What makes Action Comics #902 is the above cover by Kenneth Rocafort who has recently joined writer Paul Cornell on the series. Associate Editor Wil Moss is clearly a fan.

“We knew we needed really powerful covers for a story as big as ‘Reign of Doomsday,’ but who could possibly fill those shoes? Enter Art Director Mark Chiarello, who drew our attention to the amazing artwork of Mr. Kenneth Rocafort. Once we saw it, we KNEW Kenneth was the perfect guy for these covers — an artist who could really hammer home how bombastic and brutal this ‘Reign of Doomsday’ story is gonna be!”

Action Comics #902 hits stores in June.