Deadpool Takes on Fear Itself

2 legit 2 quit? 2 easy. Can't touch this? Doesn't jive. Other M.C. Hammer songs that were popular and I can think of without having to Google? No more left. Now that that's out of the way, the matter at hand. Deadpool. Dressed as M.C. Hammer- even with backup dancers. Why the getup (besides it just Deadpool being Deadpool)? He's gearing up to take on fear itself in Fear Itself: Deadpool #1. Writer Christopher Hastings and illustrator Bong Dazo have Wade Wilson being called upon to save the world from the Skrulls.

“Fear Itself is a story with tremendous gravity and emotional heft. Matt Fraction's doing an amazing job of tapping into the real fears of everyday people, and retelling them through the troubles of the Marvel heroes,” explains writer Christopher Hastings. “Of course this means its all the more fun to bring in the clown with a gun! Deadpool is my favorite Marvel character, and I'm so excited to write for him. This mini is going to be a lot of fun, the way that Deadpool knows fun. A gratuitous number of explosions are guaranteed!”

Here's the thing. Marvel is KILLING Deadpool. I get that he's immensely more popular after Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. What I don't get is why Marvel feels that they can throw him into any crazy situation imaginable and just play it off as "Deadpool." Does this series add to his resume role of Pimp? Rapper? Fear Itself is supposed to be a big, universe spanning event but I feel like throwing Deadpool into it like this just cheapens the overall feel.

Deadpool fans will still pick this issue up. Marvel fans will still pick up everything Fear Itself related. I just don't know that this is the best way to create a massive, universe-wide event that can really be taken seriously.