Defense with the BoomStick

Whoa, almost missed this broadcast as wasn’t paying attention to the time with all the working being done. We've still been doing repairs on our walls after the last attack from a week ago as there was a lot of damage. Still been pretty damn quiet this past week too and that has been a big bonus to help get all this done. Unfortunately from the radio transmissions I've been hearing it sounds like others aren’t so lucky, but we'll get more on that in the news. I have had to send out people for building materials just to get all the repairs done; hopefully this zombie lull will keep going.

News is not all that great as it would seem zombie attacks have risen again in the US southwest on parts of Arizona, California and parts of Nevada too. The groups of zombies haven’t been as large like they were a month or so ago, but are still large enough groups to cause concern. A lot of the places broadcasting about these zombie attacks haven’t needed help or evacuations, but they are saying they can last another few weeks at least.

Onto a different location we head to Puerto Rico as the safe zones there have been overran after a boat of zombies crashed and started the outbreak. Forces from Cuba have sent ships to help evacuate any that can get to the coast on the northwest side of the island for recue. That’s really all the bad news I can talk on today. Time to get to the tip.
The tip today will be a bit of refresher course on how to survive while on the move outside any walled or safe area. Whenever you are moving make sure to do it as quiet as you can and have all your gear tied down tight so that it doesn’t make a sound either. You don’t want your pack to be to heavy or unbalanced as it could injure you over the long run, adding to the fact that it's hard to outrun a pack of zombies if your gear is too heavy and slowing you down.

As far as clothing goes keep it tight to not give a zombie something to grab onto; boots preferably if you can find some and tuck your pant leg into them. The most likely spots you will get bitten are on your legs, arms and neck as zombies grab and bring whatever is in their grasps to their mouth, which makes these spots the one you have to have extra protection on.

Whenever you see zombies in your path its best to avoid them at all costs as killing them will just alert more zombies in the area who will begin to hunt you. If you have to kill a zombie in your way stick to silenced or melee weapons to get the job done, giving you a chance to get out of the area before more zombies show up. It’s never a good idea to travel at night as you would have to use light to mark your path and that would draw zombies to you. Unless you have zombies chasing you it's better to find a place and hold up for the night trying to get some sleep.

You may be thinking how you can sleep when zombies are trying to eat you. Well you have to or else after so many days of pushing yourself the body slows down and you could make a mistake that ends up costing you your life or the life of someone in your group. When you do manage to find a spot to sleep do it with your boots on and gear packed together in case you have to make a quick gateway.

There you have it for today. More news and a tip coming next week. Until then keep fighting and keep surviving.