Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Don’t know what to say about this past week as it was a week that hasn’t happened in a real long time. We haven’t seen a single zombie the entire week and got all of the repairs done to all of the walls. Even the weather cooperated with us, not bringing any rain or snow that allowed us to get so much done. That is really the only good part I have to talk about as from what’s been broadcasting this past week hasn’t sounded good. I really hope more survivors out there manage to keep making it and hold out until the last zombie goes.

When I said it was bad news what I meant by that was over the past few days I've heard maybe two broadcasts. Of those two one was a call for help from a colony in the western part of Colorado that has been besieged by zombies for the past weeks. The other broadcast came from a spot in Kansas that is requesting any help for supplies as they have exhausted theirs and cannot locate any in surrounding areas. This is the sort of stuff that has me worried and the fact that there were so few broadcasts...hopefully I have just been getting interference.

We'll have to get through this week and hope for the best. Now let’s get to the tip. For the tip today I wanted to talk about when you have to stop and rest for the night the best methods to ensure zombies don’t find you while you sleep.

No matter the person everyone has to sleep. When you don’t your body gets tired and so does your mind, both of which will lead you to make one bad move and then it's game over for you. When looking for a place to lay low for the night you have to make sure all ways in are secured and if not block them off yourself with whatever you can find. Just make sure to have multiple exits yourself from a place in case zombies do find you and block the others.

Keep all your gear packed together in case you have to make a fast getaway, so if eating while you stop or cleaning your gear just make sure to put it all back in your pack. This is where being in a group helps versus going alone as you can have people on watches to check for zombies (make sure to rotate who is on guard so everyone gets rest). Keep light and noise to a minimum so you don’t attract any attention; even if you are really far in a building it’s not good to make a lot of noise just in case there is a zombie or two your sweep missed.

As always if the shit ever hits the fan at one place don’t bother standing your ground and killing all the zombies so you can sleep more. If a battle like that happens all you'll do is let other zombies in the area know someone is around and they will come looking for you in a larger group. After fighting the zombies it's best to get your gear and move onto a new spot much further away. Or, depending on the time, just get moving again as staying in motion is the best way to combat zombies.

There you have the tip for today until next week keep surviving.