Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

Ocassionaly, even the collective minds of the Omnicomic staff cannot see, clearly, into the depths of lost and forgotten pop culture lore. Even with the accumulated experience of countless hours spent reading comic books, watching anime series on DVD and USA up-all-night movie marathons and playing video games there are just pieces of our childhood that even we can’t remember accurately. Of course, once in a while, through certain uncontrollable events, we come across something. Something that we had forgotten. Something that our unconscious mind had shut out and protected us from for years. But we see it again. And it changes everything we’ve known. I want to tell you about a television show. It is a cartoon show.

This television show was called Dinosaucers.

It's a television show about alien dinosaurs that fly in saucers. I've just ‘pitched’ the concept of the show to you. Just there. I have told you it’s ‘premise’. In a way the post could end here.

Dinosaucers was broadcast in the United States during the 1987-1988 season. It consisted of 65 episodes. These episodes detailed the heroic struggles of an alien race of dinosaurs who crash land on earth- called the Dinosaucers- against their evil counterparts, called the Tyrannos. The leader of the Tyrannos went by the name Genghis Rex. Apparently, the alien culture that spawned the Dinosaucers just happened, through coincidence, to bestow a name on this particular alien dinosaur that was identical to the one used by the ruler of the Mongolian Empire, circa 1206-1227 A.D.

The Dinosaucers are, of course, aided by a group of human children, known as the secret scouts. The secret scouts do all of the things that you’d expect human children to do if they happened to find themselves aiding an advanced race of alien dinosaurs in their intergalactic war for survival. They live, they love and they learn like children growing into adults, teaching their Dinosaucer buddies important lessons about humanity that we can all grown on.

Something else that made the show stick out? The Dinosaucer’s leader, Allo was, in fact, the son of the Dinosorceror and Dinosorceress on the Dinosaucer’s home planet. I can only assume is going to put him in a favored position with his dinosuperiors, giving him access to dinospaceships and dinosorcery aplenty. Which can’t exactly dinosuck, right?

I’m not sure how much knowledge I really have to bestow, on this front. In fact, I think I’ve done all I can here, really. We just want you to know that this show exists. What you do with this information and what opinions you draw are entirely your own. But we are BEGGING the Omnicomic to community to share your thoughts on this. Please. Just. Say something, about these anthropomorphic alien dinosaurs. Anything.