New Arrivals: March 16, 2011

I'd like to say that deaths in comics are truly memorable and symbolic events. More often than not though, they're really just a marketing ploy to boost sales of comics leading up to and including the character's death. It kind of lessens the impact of a "death" comic, but that doesn't stop the publishers from continuing to kill off their characters. Dynamite Entertainment is gearing up to kill one of the more storied characters in Zorro in The Death of Zorro #1.

Written by Ande Parks and illustrated by Esteve Polls (covers by Alex Ross, Francesco Francavilla and Tom Yeates), The Death of Zorro #1 features a retired and sixtyish Zorro. He's trying to make a go of it on a peaceful ranch in California where he tends to cattle, breaks horses and enjoys the company of his wife. A renegade band of Confederate ne'er-do-wells is determined to interfere with Don Diego's retirement and do some things that encourages him to don the cape, hat and sword once again. Oh. And he has help in the form of The Lone Ranger.

Defense With the BoomPick
Last weekend was a long one with PAX East hitting the fair city of Boston. I’m not sure about the others who went, but it tired me out to the point where all I want is to sit down and read new comics tomorrow. Looking over the list I saw a whole slew of comics in the zombie genre so I just had to pick one of those: Planet of the Living Dead #1. Really any planet that has zombies on it will become an entire planet of the dead eventually, but it seems this one already has that going for it. From the cover it looks like whoever lands on this planet is going to be in for some surprises that are going to terrify and test their mettle if they want to survive.


New Arrivals: March 16, 2011