New Arrivals: March 23, 2011

Believe it or not, Matt Groening is still working on The Simpsons. The longest running animated show (or show period for that matter) on television has made its presence known in the comics realm courtesy of Bongo Comics. The latest collection is Simpsons Comics: Meltdown TP.

The trade paperback collects tales of a combustible nature as a hazardous nuclear cloud engulfs Springfield, prompting everyone to move in with Mr. Burns. The second tale features Krusty the Clown's burger franchise getting competition from Homer Simpson himself. Finally, when Springfield faces its worst financial crisis in history, Mayor Quimby sets to bring unwanted attention to the town by making it open for business 24/7.

The TPB will set you back $15.99.

Defense With the BoomPick
Tomorrow is new comic day, a day of new stories and the continuing of others. Even though there is a new Deadpool comic out tomorrow I went with a different pick for today of a comic I'm a little unsure of: FF #1. This is the first comic in the new incarnation of the Fantastic Four members with Spider-man taking the Human Torch’s spot. I don’t see the point of killing off a member of the Fantastic Four just to get rid of the name, but then add Spider-man in and call it FF. I have some reservations about this comic, but I can see it still being decent, so go pick it up and check out their new look yourself.


New Arrivals: March 23, 2011