Review - Bonnie Lass #3

As far as treasure hunter days go, Bonnie Lass' are going from bad to worse. She's managed to get her hands on the Pacification Beacon, crucial for getting the Eye of Leviathan, but the next phase of her voyage isn't quite as cut and dry. Why? Well, we're introduced to the main baddie vaguely referenced in the first issue: Monet. Oh yeah. And the Leviathan.

The third issue focused almost exclusively on explaining the true power behind the Eye of Leviathan and Monet's motives. Monet leads a group of pirates (or adventurers) known as Ebb Tide. They've been tracking Bonnie et al, seeking out the Pacification Beacon in their possession to help him attain the Eye of Leviathan. It's a nice setup as Monet is pretty much a power-hungry guy with something of a superpowered arm that gives him immense strength. The issue features more swashbuckling fights and zany expressions but ends with the group rapidly descending into an even more precarious situation than before.

Michael Mayne continues as writer and illustrator (with Tyler Fluharty assisting in the co-writing duties). One of my earlier complaints about the series the characterization of Bonnie Lass herself and it seems those complaints have been addressed. Obviously not because I made them but because they're part of a greater character arc for her. Initially, I felt that Bonnie was more brash than swashbuckling, but this issue really showed her for who she really is. That is, some of her actions in this issue felt more sincere to me and really made her out to be an adventurer who gambles and often wins.

I also really like the introduction of Monet. At first it seems like he's going to be just another typical baddie who gets item X and is beaten in the last issue of the series, which may still be the case to an extent. But Bonnie Lass #3 showed us that yes, he is nefarious, but he's also vulnerable and isn't going to run off with immense power right off the bat. It's also nice to see a tale about seafaring reference the Leviathan instead of the Kraken (although I'm sure in some mythologies they're the same thing).

I'm really intrigued to see how the fourth and final issue plays out. Bonnie Lass and Monet are both seeking the Eye of Leviathan for very different reasons, with the former learning more about theirs from the latter. Bonnie's decision at the end of the third issue will no doubt have great consequences to both quests, but the only way to find out is to check out the next issue.

Bonnie Lass #3 is currently available at comiXology and iVerse and you can check out interiors below.