Review – Carbon Grey #1

There is a lot going on with Carbon Grey and it is all pretty awesome. The story seems to take place in some alternate reality Germany. The technology, weapons and terminology has me thinking that this is a future Germany, only if the government was still structured as it was when Bismarck was the Kaiser. The story seems to be that the country has been ruled under the thumb of the Kaiser by invoking the name of a historic champion that united the country. Only now revolution has come to this country.

Carbon Grey is the creative child of Hoang Nguyen and a pretty extensive team with Image Comics behind them as a publisher. It tells the story of a line of assassins known as the Grey sisters. Apparently there were always three sisters that protected the country and its Kaiser, but in this generation a fourth had been born as a result of twins. This fourth child seems to be the harbinger of revolution. As we find out immediately in this title, this is more than just a prophecy of theory; change is coming to this alternate universe Germany.

The book progresses to tell us a little bit more about the history and introduce the main characters to the story. Everything revolves around the Grey Sisters, who I would guess will be the heroes despite being brutally efficient assassins. The style of the artwork is amazingly detailed, and when these women go to work with their blades, bodies part in their wake. I mean that in a literal way…bodies fall apart.

The story is really interesting but I’m still not quite sure where it's going. As often happens when you introduce a brand new series, so much is still confusing and hard to understand. I have no idea who is good and bad yet and why exactly the sisters have begun this revolt. The motives of the various political players who are no doubt jockeying for the throne are still in the dark, but the foundation is being laid.

It is really the artwork that amazed me. Not being versed in various styles, let me just say that there is definitely something different and edgy about the work. The entire color scheme chosen seems to suggest that this is a dark and wartorn time for the country and almost looks post-apocalyptic. Needless to say I’m intrigued by everything from the characters to the story and definitely will be keeping my eyes open for future issues.

Post-apocalyptic alternate universe Germany with crazy women sister assassins leading a revolution against scary looking government dudes and a whorehouse of sorts thrown in to boot? Count me in! Interiors below and the book should be in stores now.