Ron Marz on Conan

We're big fans of Ron Marz here at Omnicomic. His work at Top Cow has been nothing short of awesome and Artifacts is actually shaping up to be a great mega-event. He's taking a respite from playing architect though and lending his talents to Dark Horse to work on Conan: Island of No Return #1.

Joined by Bart Sears, Randy Elliot, Mark Roberts and Michael Kutsche, Conan: Island of No Return #1 hits stores June 15. Conan is aided by two sister thieves who need a strongarm for an upcoming heist and Conan agrees to help storm the reportedly haunted cliff-top castle. Of course, the sisters have it in them to take the opportunity to take on the Barbarian himself.

It's the first of a two issue arc featuring Marz teamed up with Sears, so fans of either or the character will definitely want to check this one out.