Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Here we have another bad day with the weather pouring down, cutting visibility to about ten yards outside the wall. So far we haven’t had that many zombies attack us or do any real damage, but who knows if that will stay the case. Kind of sucks not being able to know when a storm will be over like the days before zombies, leaving us to hope it will move along or dissipate before more zombies find their way here. This weather just makes it more miserable to be outside when on watch and has been wreaking havoc with our radio transmitter that is making transmissions come through garbled.

I did manage to get some news from early in the week before this storm took over so let me get to that. I got wind that in the United States the government forces are planning supply drops across the country again, but want to be more precise this time in their drops. They are asking if survivor groups can signal where they are located as the planes can do the drops near those locations to ensure the supplies don’t go to waste. Most of the drops are going to be hitting the eastern seaboard going towards the Mississippi River as the planes are flying out of the northeast with no real safe places to land to refuel. There will be more long range aircraft making drops in the widwest and western states at a more consistent rate in the near future.

That's all for the news; now for the tip.

Since this weather is really messing with us and our ability to see and defend let that be the focus for today. Weather is always going to make life difficult and without being able to predict it anymore it doesn’t allow for planning. If you're out on the move heading somewhere and weather hits you, depending on the severity the best advice is to wait out the storm. It’s not going to do you a lot of good to be wandering through the storm not able to see and run right into a pack of zombies that could appear out of nowhere. You still have to take precautions when finding a place to ride out the storm to make sure zombies don’t follow you to your hiding spot.

If you're more or less in a fixed location storms can at least bring good with all that bad. With rain and snow having containers and buckets out to catch as much water and snow as possible will be beneficial down the road. This will help you resupply your water if are low or to just give you extra for bartering. In this day you have to see everything as a commodity for trading or else just won’t make it. The bad part about being in a fixed spot is a storm could do damage to your defenses or supplies forcing that choice of staying to rebuild or having to flee. Weather is always going to be a factor. Don’t let it be the factor that gets you killed. Until next week keep surviving.