Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It’s a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival.)

Finally back on the radio after one hell of a long week. Had a nasty storm come out of nowhere on us here that fried some of the gear and we haven’t been able to send or receive any broadcasts. We only managed to get it up and running this morning, but still have periodic outages. We're hoping to get all the kinks worked out to be able to bring you some news for next week’s broadcast and maybe will be some good news too. With no news that just leave me to get right to the tip.

Tip for today is going to be about zombie avoidance and how to get away from them if in a tight spot. First you have to think what sort of things attract zombies to you such as noise, movement and even lights. All can draw a zombie to where you are, but of course plain old dumb luck can get a zombie wandering up on you by accident. The one big advantage we have over zombies is the fact that they can’t think, but we can and you have to put that to use cause we don’t have numbers like they've got them.

Having a plan is your best method of staying alive, such as knowing your escape routes and knowing all the possible entrances to a place you might be hiding out at. You always have to keep thinking and figuring your next move. Avoiding zombies all boils down to keeping your wits about you and not panicking when you see some zombies milling about. Just give them a wide berth, don’t make any noise and move as quick as you can.

Now if you get spotted by zombies you have a new problem confronting you as so long as they keep you in their eyesight they will continue to follow the last path you took or place you went into. If you do find yourself in a situation unless you have a backdoor you can duck and run out of you are gonna have to distract the zombies so you can escape. Having a member of your group on the roof pulling the zombies all to one spot can allow a door to be unguarded for the rest to make it out and then distract the zombies from down below, letting the person on the roof get down and out too.

Escaping zombies that have you trapped always comes down to distraction; that is what you have to do as a drawn out fight isn’t always the best option. If provided you are hidden from the zombies throwing things to cause noise can draw zombies away too that helps keep you and any others out of direct harm’s way. Until next week keep surviving.