Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It was a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival, but now I have been bitten.)

Bombing runs were done on our location as the amount of zombies here was just too many. I am holed up in the deep basement of what’s left of the main building with rubble on top of me, but that isn’t even the worst part. Not sure how it really happened, but after being bitten last week and taking a possible cure I am still a zombie that can think. This whole week I can’t remember anything after taking that cure and now find myself without a pulse in addition to the hunger.

I can’t believe they didn’t try to rescue the survivors here before deciding to blow us all up. I'm going to get myself out of this rubble and figure out what steps I can take from here in searching for a permanent cure or direct my zombie rage towards the group that decided to take us out. Being a zombie is a weird thing with the sporadic flash of my senses that is sometimes overwhelming and at other times subdued to the point I don’t feel anything. One thing I must learn is to control the hunger. It's a gnawing feeling that is going to devour me and make me just another zombie.