Hunt for Cobra Commander Begins

Cobra Commander needs to be replaced. The long tenured, raspy voiced commander of the fearsome foes of the Joes is no more and his former subordinates are about to engage in a civil war of sorts to determine a new commander. G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War #0 starts the competition, where the Cobra operative that kills the most Joes will take the reigns of the organization.

The first issue, written by Chuck Dixon and Mike Costa (illustrated by Javier Saltares, Antonio Fusoa and Agustin Padilla with covers by Tom Feister, Fuso and Gabriele Dell’Otto) is due in stores tomorrow. The hunt for the new Cobra Commander will run through all three new G.I. Joe series beginning with next month’s three debuts: G.I. Joe #1, Cobra #1 and Snake Eyes #1. Personally I think the winner will be whomever avoids the leg sweep. Oh wait. Wrong Cobra.