Preview - Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness #1

Abbey Chase is possibly the world's most daring adventuress. I say perhaps because there are a lot of strong-willed female treasure hunters scouring the world for whatever artifact they're looking for. He quest du jour just so happens to be the Book of the Dead, prompting her and the Dange Girls to track it down. Since the Book of the Dead is involved you know that someone else is seeking it as well: a man with a personal vendetta and a literal hand in the book's sordid history. If I need to name that character you should probably just move along.

Danger Girl and The Army of Darkness #1 is a crossover event from Dynamite Entertainment and IDW Publishing and is written by Andy Hartnell. It's illustrated by Chris Bolson and features covers by J. Scott Campbell, Nick Bradshaw and Paul Renaud. Be sure to look for the book in stores Wednesday and interiors are after the jump.