Preview - Days Missing: Kestus #5

Days Missing: Kestus is coming to end. Rather, it came to an end. Yesterday. Chances are you're already invested in the series and know about its conclusion. On the off chance you've heard good things about the series (or a Gene Rodenberry fan in general) then seeing info and interiors on Days Missing: Kestus #5 might sway you to pick up the issue and the whole series.

The fifth issue (written by Phil Hester, illustrated by David Marquez and cover by Dale Keown) concludes the series in Switzerland. The Steward has returned to Cerne's Hadron Collider, but this time he's joined by Kestus, an immortal woman who has wreaked havoc on the world. The fates or mortals and immortals alike hang in the balance.

The book is in stores now and interiors are after the jump.