Preview - Jake the Dreaming

Jake is a ten-year-old boy with a chronic habit of daydreaming. He's always drifting off in class, at home and even during Little League, which of course means he's an outcast in fourth grade. That changes when Jake dreams of saving a neighbor's son from a monster and the boy thanks him for saving him. This leads him to learn that he's his generation's "Dreaming." That means he's the chosen one with the ability to enter others' dreams and save their souls from evil creatures known as Nocturnus. Think Freddie Krueger, but good. Jake must learn to master the ways of the Dreaming World and defeat Nocturnus before he gains enough power to put the Waking World to sleep forever.

Written by Adam Freeman and Marc Bernardin and illustrated by Andrew Jones, Jake the Dreamingm is Radical's first foray in the new illustrated novel format and hits stores this December. A preview will be available on Free Comic Book Day. Interiors after the jump.