Review - 28 Days Later #22

28 Days Later #22 was a good issue. With the cliffhanger they left this issue on I can see in the next issue all hell breaking loose as writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Alejandro Aragon take this comic to another level. Review time.

With Selena and Clint safely in the green zone and being protected by the American forces all seems well. Of course Selena has no intention of staying as she has a journey of her own to finish to relive a painful moment in her life again. Meanwhile Clint is interviewing other survivors in the green zone to learn their stories and their take on everything that has happened. Clint learns some people have broken out of the safe zone in a nod to the film 28 Weeks Later.

For Selena this issue features the big reveal of her origin story as we learn about how she first encountered the rage virus. You get to find out what has driven her the entire time the virus has ravaged Britain and get to see her reasons for why she came back. I've gotta tip my hat off to the folks at BOOM! Studios as they did a great job of crafting this narrative out of a larger world for Selena and turn her into a dynamic character with 28 Days Later.

As a series overall it's grown on me greatly since the first few issues with the arcs and story twists they've thrown in along the way. They took a zombie movie that was an action-packed, adrenaline adventure and created their own narrative within that ride and a damn good story at that. The one complaint I had about the series is at times in issues it felt slow going and at times pretty noneventful moments, but these last few issues have showed the payoff in my view.

It’s pretty cool how they merged the two stories in a way that gives you a different perspective about the events of 28 Weeks Later, as they didn’t ignore or try to rewrite what has happened. If you are a fan of the movies you need to be reading this series as it can only go up from here and I know I am looking forward to the next issue.

28 Days Later #22 is in stores now with interiors below.