Review - Foster Broussard #1

The Old West has always been a favorite subject of mine as back then it was just one big, great frontier with a limitless amount of stories and adventures. For the brave folks that headed west to try their luck sometimes it worked out, but lot of times it didn’t. This is especially true in regards to the gold rush that swept the nation as everyone headed to California to make it big or go bust trying. When you throw in one smooth-talking, brash con artist, a cutthroat American Industrialist and an ancient evil spirit lurking in the depths of the richest gold mine in California you get yourself one hell of a comic called Foster Broussard #1.

Set in the year 1850, the story by Jim Brennan and Trevor Pryce has con-artist Foster Broussard about to be hanged by the Queen of England for numerous crimes. He's saved at the last second by the promise of untold riches he knows the location of in the mountains of California that the Queen can have all for herself. This sets into motion Foster’s trip around the globe to San Francisco and those vast riches, but he isn’t alone as the Queen doesn’t trust him that much. Sent along with Broussard is the commander that was set to be the one executing him, but is now tasked with making sure either they get the gold back to England or Broussard’s corpse goes back instead for the failure.

Of all the obstacles in his way the most important one Foster has to contend with is getting away from the Commander. Lucky for Broussard he has some help on that front from an old friend already set up in San Francisco. Escaping one situation thrusts him into another however, with the American industrialist that runs the large mine where the gold is waiting to be found proving to be another foe of sorts. Foster’s luck is going have to hold out for the long haul if he's to get the gold and not die in the process from all of these forces aligned against him.

Only a few pages into the comic I knew I loved writer David Ziebart's portrayal of Foster's character and I see a whole mess of things going badly at times but turning out right in the end for him. Foster Broussard #1 is pretty solid first issue that gives you a taste of what's in store for Foster as the series continues on. An all around great story and some pretty cool artwork by Dan Glasl (inks by Amber Gant, colors by Adam Guzowski and letters by Troy Peteri) really fits the time and feeling they were shooting for.

Foster Broussard #1 is a just a great comic that shows you don’t need spandex and superheroes to still tell an amazing story. I can only hope the next issue is going to be even more action-packed and humorous than this one.