Review - Who is Jake Ellis? #3

I'm sure everyone has seen people talking to themselves walking down the street one time or another. Hell you might have been doing it yourself. Sometimes they might actually be talking to someone else; at least that's the case in Who is Jake Ellis?. I gave Who is Jake Ellis? #3 a read and I have to say I'm liking the character more and sort of wondering what the source of his ability is. Here’s a review of the third issue in the series.

Jon Moore is still on the run from the people who experimented on him and gave him the ability to talk to his guardian angel Jake Ellis. I like the dynamic between these two as Jon gets a bit of a guilt trip from Jake that pretty much points him towards having to try and find the facility that gave him this ability. The way the story rolls out keeps you hooked through a good bit of a revealing conversation the two have. These conversations are what make the comic so enjoyable.

I swear Who is Jake Ellis? #3 reads like a spy movie at times...just brilliant. Jon's resourcefulness is on full display as he needs supplies to make a run on the facility. As any good spy knows you don't actually use your own money for said supplies, prompting Jon to pull a con. You would figure a supply run to some black market dealer would be a pretty simple affair, but for Jon and Jake nothing is simple when you have so many people chasing you wanting your ability.

The pursuit factor is what makes this comic even better. Jon can't really go the traditional route to procure what he needs. I mean, he's a spy so of course he wouldn't walk into Wal-Mart or something to get an item. The spy channels normally open to him are cut off by the sheer amount of people looking for him and Jake. Being a spy is hard enough as it is, but when groups are going to great depths to track you down it gets that much more difficult.

This comic has definitely grown on me and I just can’t wait for the next issue to come out. Writer Nathan Edmondson's dark tone is laid out by some damn fine artwork by Tonci Zonjic that has this style of its own. The book is in stores now and if you want a sort of supernatural spy thriller I highly recommend checking it out.