Special Planet of the Apes #1 Preview

"He can talk! He can talk" "I can sing!" Yes, every post regarding the new Planet of the Apes comic from BOOM! Studios must make reference to the classic reincarnation of it in The Simpsons. Now that the song is in your head, how about I add some images to go along with it? Maybe interiors found in Planet of the Apes #1?

The new, ongoing series hits stores April 27 and will be written by Daryl Gregory and illustrated by Carlos Magno. It takes place before the original 1968 movie in a time when Ape society has reached a new golden age. There are ripples of dissent in both the ape and human ranks, leading tensions to rise and chaos to ensue.

Magno, Karl Richardson and Chad Hardin will all contribute covers to the new title, carrying a Diamond Code of FEB110852. Full press release and preview interiors after the jump.



April 7, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA – BOOM! Studios brings you a stunning first look at the all-new ongoing PLANET OF THE APES comic series hitting store shelves April 27,2011! It's a bold new vision of the classic Apes universe written by award-winning sci-fi novelist Daryl Gregory (Dracula: The Company of Monsters, Pandemonium) and drawn by sensational artist Carlos Magno (Green Lantern Corps). So be sure to contact your local comic shop to reserve your copy of PLANET OF THE APES #1 today!

Taking place before the original 1968 PLANET OF THE APES movie, but true to the continuity of the first five films, this new ongoing comic series begins in a time when Ape society reaches a new golden age. But there are ripples of dissent in both the ape and human ranks. Tensions will rise and soon all will be caught in chaos! And amidst all this uncertainty, what is the fate of...The Lawgiver? Find out as a new chapter of the acclaimed sci-fi classic, PLANET OF THE APES, begins this April!

PLANET OF THE APES #1 is written by Daryl Gregory with art by Carlos Magno and ships with an A & B cover by Karl Richardson and Carlos Magno respectively, a special 1-in-10 "Damn Dirty Apes" incentive cover and a retailer variant for Larry's Comics by Chad Hardin! This title ships in April and carries a Diamond Code of FEB110852.

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  1. It certainly doesn't look remotely like it's in continuity with the proper film series. The apes had extremely low tech, other than firearms which presumably they had preserved as knowledge from the prehistoric "cannibal gorilla" times Cornelius excavated.

    Small mercies I guess at least this isn't another dire Dark Horse job.


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