Isaiah Mustafa Pitches Luke Cage

The Old Spice commercials with Isaiah Mustafa were classic, epic and all-around awesome. I'm unaware of the numbers but I'm sure sales of the brand's cleansing products have increased dramatically in light of his involvement in the ads. Now that Mustafa has the acting itch, he's hoping to parlay his "commercial" success into a film career, starting with a role as Luke Cage.

After the jump check out a video that he put together selling himself as Luke Cage. I'm sure someone at Marvel Studios has seen the video and, while it's short, does showcase Mustafa in a somewhat impressive light as Cage. His stint on Chuck shows he can pull off an action-hero type role, so Marvel, if you're reading, let's make this happen. Unless you have someone better in mind for the role.


  1. That's just what I was thinking. If he is going to look the same as his Old Spice persona he needs to showcase his acting ability not let some fancy directing and cinematography do all of the work.

    That said, who is really clamoring for a Luke Cage film? I know people rolled their eyes at Thor and that turned out ok but are we on 3rd string or 4th string characters by now?

    I guess with the Ant Man movie moving forward anything goes.

  2. Completely agree. I don't necessarily think people are clamoring for a Nick Cage movie per se, but I think that Marvel will give any character a movie if they think it will sell. Sadly, I get the sense that with Marvel and DC the big thing now is making films of their properties for profit.


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