New Arrivals: June 1, 2011

New comics may be delayed a day due to the Memorial Day holiday. Not a bad thing, but something to be mindful of when purchasing your weekly haul. The pick for this week is relatively thin on the physicality side of things, but it's a great read and sets up the character for some new storylines. Fathom Vol. 4 #0 hits this week from Aspen Comics.

Written by Scott Lobdell and featuring art by Alex Konat (colors by Beth Sotelo and letters by Josh Reed), Fathom Vol. 4 #0 has Aspen Matthews awakening in an unknown lab that's heavily secured by armed guards. Aspen must quickly survey the situation and figure out where she is, why she's there and how she can get out.

The 12-pager sets the stage for Fathom #1 hitting stores in July. There's also an additional sketchbook section and never before seen art. It should be in stores Wednesday, but the release date of this item has yet to be confirmed. It might be wise to check with your local shop for availability.

Check out our review here. Enjoy!

New Arrivals: June 1, 2011