Preview - Atomic Robo 2011 - Free Comic Book Day #0

Brian Clevinger, Trevor Pace, David Ziebart, Tony Trob and Johnny Zito have all been hard at work in anticipation of Free Comic Book Day. The fruits of their labor just so happens to be Atomic Robo 2011 - Free Comic Book Day #0.

Featuring art by Scott Wegener, Dan Glasl, Ambert Gant and The Rahzzah (colors by Ronda Pattison and Adam Guzowski and letters by Troy Peteri and Gabe Bautista) the free book has Atomic Robo guest judging a science fair that catches the eye of the evil Dr. Dinosaur. When the explosions fly, Robo forgets the most important rule of all - never work with children.

The book also features previews of 2011 adventures of Red 5 favorites while showcasing some new blood. Check out the interiors after the jump and the book should be available this Saturday. Oh, and there's a freaking dinosaur in a business suit. Get on it.