ReShoot Needs Help

John Kolsun is a writer in Scranton, PA, who probably uses a lot of paper from Dundler Mifflin (I'm sure that never gets old right?). The guy is working to fulfill his dream and write full time, starting with a brand new project called ReShoot. The work takes place in the future where celebrities run the country with the help of a large corporation. Not too far from the current state of affairs, but it's enough to prompt Sugar White, a surviving rapper to set out and avenge the murder of one of the other celebrities.

Here's where it gets interesting. The celebrities have been given future weapons by a mysterious force to help defend themselves from their assassins. The graphic novel series starts one year after the failed hit on Sugar White as he attempts to confront Toke T, a Russian rapper who took his place during his absence.

Kolsun plans on making it a series, and the first issue already boasts the cover and five pages completed. Kolsun is the writer, with Ed Brisson lettering and Robekka Studios on art. As you'll be able to tell from the interiors after the jump the series will be rated R, featuring violence, swearing and drug references.

Those in the comic publishing know are aware that individual pages can cost upwards of $150 each, so Kolsun is seeking $2,000 in 20 days. He's currently sitting at $211, which means that Kolsun still has some ways to go. $5 gets you a PDF of the issue, whereas $400 gets you a $150 reward and a character that goes by your name and likeness in an issue of the comic. In this case, you're both the corporation AND the celebrity.

Check out the interiors after the jump and if you're looking to contribute even $1 head on over the Kickstarter page.