Review - All Nighter #1

Everyone's been there before at some point in their life. Out of school, broke and generally unsure of your lot in life. It this time where you're likely to find out who you truly are and-if the first issue is any indication-Kit Bradley has a lot to figure out. All Nighter #1 is created, written and illustrated by David Hahn (lettering by Adtiya Bidikar) and is the first of a five-issue miniseries. The book doesn't hit stores until June 22, but Hahn was gracious enough to send along Omnicomic a copy for review.

The first issue features a secondary title in "Stealing Coins" which pretty much sums up the entire issue. Kit is trying to take control of her life, starting with breaking up with her boyfriend Dwayne Connor. Connor is the classic ne'er-do-well that seems to be more content with pulling off small time crimes instead of trying to make anything more out of his life. Naturally, Kit can't quite pull herself away from him, drawn to the allure of his schemes and their potential for profit. The scheme for which this issue is named involves stealing some gold coins from a suburban house.

Kit also has Sally-O in her life, her stalwart best friend that has been around since Kit's mother died. Funny thing about that is that Kit opens the story by saying that she killed her mother nine years ago. That will definitely be something that is resolved later on I'm sure, but in the meantime it explains Kit's strong relationship with her father. He seems to be the only that she really cares about and is really looking out for her.

Kit's approach to life is something that resembles apathy with a hint of wanting to be more. She knows that her life isn't as good as it could be, faced daily with the little annoyances like trouble making rent, no minutes left on her cell phone and an annoying roommate named Donna Swift. She's described as "more Sally-O's friend than mine" and depicts a situation that most of us have been in before: forced to cohabitate with someone we might not really care for.

Most of the issue was aimed at setting up Kit's life and her troubles. It's apparent that Dwayne will pretty much be a wrecking ball in her life more than something constructive. Sally-O will play a pivotal role in the series and I hope Kit's relationship with her father is better fleshed out. The end of the issue pointed to something rather ominous with Kit and Sally-O's new roommate in Martha Roeder. There's also an intriguing finish to the issue when Kit realizes she's familiar with someone "new" in her life in James.

Kit's tale is very easy to relate to and that's not to say that it's something everyone goes through. It's not wished upon anyone either, but I'm curious to see where Kit takes her life. The issue showed us many facets of her personality and it'll be quite the journey as she decides which part of her takes precedent. Hahn's artwork is stark and presented in black and white. It really adds to the sense of helplessness that you can imagine Kit feels most of her life.

Check out the interiore below and the book hits stores June 22.