Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It was a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival, but now I have been bitten.)

I have to start this broadcast by saying it's been one hell of an interesting week.

After one of those bandit patrols spotted me in that farmhouse I managed to escape and make it a few miles down the road, yet not out of trouble. I was making my way down this dirt road and heard motors behind me and sure enough it was a recon party of two guys on motorbikes.

Since I heard them coming I was able to ambush them before any warnings could be raised so I think I'm in the clear, but only time will tell that one. For the moment I now have a mode of transportation faster than walking and even have extra tanks from the other bike to get me a good distance.

I took what parts I could off of the other bike to take with me and threw the rest in the woods to try and lead them off my trail (or at least give me more time to escape). What’s odd though is the noise that this motorbike makes is attracting zombies, but when they catch sight of me they look confused and mill around as if there should be food there.

I did a test of cranking the bike and setting it next to a tree to see how many zombies might show up and within an hour or so I had a group of about 12 zombies bumping around each other near the bike trying to find the source. Either there were just a lot of zombies in the immediate area or perhaps their hearing is somehow amplified after becoming a zombie...not entirely sure yet.

As of now mine doesn’t seem to be enhanced to a greater degree, but I have only been zombie-ish for a few weeks now so maybe it will kick in later on.

After a few days of using the bike I had to get rid of it as every time I stopped I would have zombies arrive, meaning they've been following this sound even further than I thought they would. Having a herd of zombies following you doesn’t allow one to move about and not attract attention.

A few times heard gunfire behind me as well. I didn’t go check it out as I figured it was either those bandits still on my trail or just other survivors bumping into the zombies that have been following me. Besides being back on foot I feel gives me the advantage as I can sneak around easier and disappear in an instant compared to having a noisy car or bike leaving clues.

Those are the tradeoffs though. If you can manage to get a nice bit of open road a car will do wonders for you. That’s all I have for this week; I'm hoping to be in northwest Iowa by this time next week. I have to get a move on. Until next week keep surviving.