Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It was a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival, but now I have been bitten and partially cured now searching for a full vaccine.)

One thing I've learned while on the move is the true extent of the amount of destruction of what was once called the American landscape. All I have seen are burned out or flipped over cars and plenty of destroyed buildings thrown in there for good measure that just leave clues as to what might have happened. It makes you wonder how long it took for people to turn on each other, not worried about others except themselves like those bandits I ran into a week or two back.

Maybe someday all of this will be erased by time and things can finally be rebuilt better than before and have a better outcome with everyone focused on rebuilding and not tearing it down. All those bandits out there now have to realize that if survivors are going to make it they have to work together and not prey on each other.

Apologizes for the tangent there as I haven’t really had moments to reflect on this whole scenario going on and just seeing that even after almost three years survivors are still fighting each other is troubling. On my path through the wreckage I did perform some tests with zombies to see just how good their hearing is. I made a sound on a long empty road and wanted to see how long it took for zombies to show up at the source.

With the test in that small town I found a noise loud enough attracted zombies the quickest as the sound is echoing and attracting them like a beacon. I did a similar test on an empty road as well. I made sure to pass a few zombies first so I knew some were around and went maybe three miles ahead of them and fired. Maybe an hour or so later saw those same zombies on the horizon.

It’s just uncanny how they can zone in so well on a noise even when they don’t have any visual clues to let them know where to head. I have to admit my hearing seems to have gotten sharper as the days go on since I was bitten and partially cured. This would explain why the tactic to use when raiding somewhere for any supplies you can find is to have decoys making plenty of noise to lure any zombies in the area to them while another group go in for the goods. Perhaps when you become a zombie the heightened hearing is the trade off for poorer eyesight.

I'll have to look into this further and have to get a move on I think I hear engines and no telling whether they are going to be friendly or not. Until next week keep surviving.