New Arrivals: June 22, 2011

I'd like to say that tomorrow everyone will be raving about Green Lantern as a film. Sadly, that's not the case as the movie was pretty boring and bland. There is some consolation in the fact that you can replace the images from the movie with images from new comics due out tomorrow. Joe Hill's Locke & Key series continues in a new volume in Locke & Key: Clockwork #1.

Hill is joined by artist Gabriel Rodriguez on the next chapter in the Locke & Key universe. Colonel Adam Crais's minutemen are literally trapped between a rock and a hard place; in the first days of the Revolutionary War, they find themselves hiding beneath 120 feet of New England stone, with a full regiment of redcoats waiting for them in the daylight... and a door into hell in the cavern below.

With the black door open it's up to 16-year-old smith named Ben Locke to find a way to close it. The biggest mysteries of the Locke & Key series are resolved as Clockworks opens, not with a bang, but with the thunderous crash of English cannons.


New Arrivals: June 22, 2011