Superhero Enterprises

Finding the voice of youth is an almost impossible endeavor. It's so fluid and contextual that declaring one to be universal leads to a conflict of differing opinions that lead to escalations and bad things. Superhero Enterprises is attempting to define that youthful voice as a symbol of contemporary youth culture in America today.

The idea behind the firm is to take people back to a period in our history when "Do the Right Thing" was the principal theme. Superhero Enterprise operates as a character based business, publishing and merchandising various consumer products from its library of proprietary characters. Notes is the company's flagship character.

Notes is a character that was originally conceived as a logo for the company's music production division. Attention to the character by entertainment executives has lead to it becoming something more than just a logo. The response garnered them early interest in publishing, animation, branding opportunities that we to date currently entertaining, given an appropriately structured deal offer, with a well known studio.

As it stands right now, Superhero Enterprises operates as a character based business. It's focusing on publishing and merchandises a wide portfolio of printed art, animated television & feature film content, comic-books, fashion apparel, electronic games, toys, and various collectible consumer products from its library of proprietary products. Distributed globally the characters and brand concepts are crafted systematically for distribution to an affluent and dynamic group of music, film, comic-book and entertainment lifestyle enthusiasts.

The venture is very ambitious but obviously a worthy focus. If the company can get some support behind Notes and their message then presumably more and more of today's youth will get the message and chill out some. Do the Right Thing kids.