Awakening Gets the Omnibus Treatment

“A dark journey into the end of days. Genuinely unsettling and scary, Awakening delivers all the moods and the chills– a genre-bending graphic novel.”

That quote is what Guillermo del Toro lauds Awakening by Nick Tapalanski and Alex Eckman-Lawn with. And he's not the only one heaping praise on the work of horror. If you're not one of the people that's had a chance to read the story that's about to be remedied with the September release of the Awakening Omnibus.

Tapalansky has set up a website that boasts all things Awakening as well as future projects, but right now the focus is on the 320-page beast of a book collecting the two volumes of Awakening. The work is also significant because it's Archaia Entertainment's first softcover collection, despite release plans to the contrary. It's currently priced at $24.99 (at the moment it’s $16.47 on Amazon) and is slated for a September 28th release (PREVIEWS Order Code JUL11 0825).

The individual hardcover volumes are still available but are rapidly disappearing (rumor has it there are only a few hundred copies of Volume 1 left). The Omnibus doesn't have any additional content, but it does collect the story and presents the way it was meant to be presented. Additionally, the first volume has been re-lettered for the omnibus to match the second and the whole tome includes a short story, production extras, guest pin-ups and more.

If you missed out and want to know why you should pick this one up, Awakening takes place in Park Falls, tainted by a series of missing persons and gruesome murders. Town crazy Cynthia Ford comes forward to speak with retired police detective Derrick Peters one January afternoon with information about the strange happenings, claiming that they”re connected. But does she hold the key to unlocking the mystery, or has she gone completely insane? To Derrick”s disbelief she utters one word: Zombies. The answers await Derrick, federal scientist Dr. Daniel Howe, attack survivor Sandra LaFayette, and the rest of the city.

It really is a phenomenal work that you should check out if you're feeling zombieish or existential- it really covers both grounds. Check out Omnicomic's review of Volume 1 and Volume 2.