Defense with the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is set in a world where zombies have taken over and people live in small spots all over the world. It was a weekly broadcast of news from around the globe and a tip to help survival, but now I have been bitten and partially cured now searching for a full vaccine.)

Another long week it's been, but a pretty productive one in many ways. Since last week I've covered a good bit of ground heading towards the northeast government stronghold that I hope holds the key to curing me fully. On top of the ground I covered I got to learn more about these sorts of superzombies that I've come across.

The frightening part is the frequency that I've come across these stronger zombies as of late, as if they've been hiding out somewhere and only now are coming out. Really where have they been these past two years is the bigger question I ask myself anytime I see one or have to fight one.

As of now I have made back to Pennsylvania as after that super large horde of zombies a couple of weeks back I got sidetracked and ended up down in West Virginia. Part of getting lost was losing the tail of zombies I had as some of those radioactive superzombies do not give up easily and there were too many to take them all out.

I am still hearing broadcasts coming from that government safe zone, which I hope means they are all still going strong, but you never know sometimes though as a few have sounded about the same broadcast. It could just be an automated message being sent out or perhaps they have fallen back to a more northern location. Either way I won’t find that out until I get closer.

When I do get closer I'll have to make sure to take a route that won’t lead more zombies to their walls as sometimes I get the feeling these superzombies are following me.

Speaking of these superish zombies I learned why they are in such good condition for being zombies for almost over two and half years. I was able to observe a couple before they spotted me and gave chase, but it appears to me that they were actually feasting on other zombies- the ones that weren’t hit by any nuclear bombs. I don’t get how eating that dead flesh keeps them stronger and in better condition; maybe they can actually metabolize the dead flesh.

If I can find a strong enough location to hold up for a bit that is secure enough I will try and capture one to do a little dissection on it to see if I can find anything that will tell me how it ticks. When the superzombies get their hands on live flesh though, like an animal or human flesh, it seems to work even faster than dead flesh giving it strength.

I can see a pack of zombies coming over this hill behind me; I have to get a move on from here. These guys are moving quick and they have to be made up of recently turned zombies and the radioactive ones too. Before I go that's the other thing I don’t get. The two different zombie types will roam together, but the radioactive ones will just turn and feast on a regular one like it’s nothing while the others keep going.

I'll have to figure that one out too. Until next week keep surviving.