Garry Leach and David Elliot Signing at Orbital Comics

Markmen hit stores July 13th. Two days prior to that, an exhibition started for one month that includes pages inked by Garry Leach, including pages from Judge Dredd, Warrior, The Twelve, Transmetropolitan and more. Also on display will be work from Chris Weston as well. But wait...there's more!

Garry and David Elliott (A1, 2000AD, Radical Publishing and editor-in-chief of Benaroya Publishing) will be signing copies of their comics on July 27th, starting at 5:00 P.M, at Orbital Comics. For those not in the know, Orbital Comics is located in London's West End, a few seconds from the Leicester Square Station.

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Orbital Comics is very proud to present an exhibition of work by the great Garry Leach (Miracleman, Hitman, Dan Dare), including pages inked by Garry from Benaroya Publishing's upcoming comic, MARKMEN, which goes on sale Wednesday, July 13th.

The exhibition, which will run from Monday, July 11th for one month, also includes pages from Judge Dredd, Warrior, The Twelve, pencilled by Chris Weston, Transmetropolitan and more.

Garry and David Elliott (A1, 2000AD, Radical Publishing and editor-in-chief of Benaroya Publishing) will be signing copies of their comics on July 27th, starting at 5:00 P.M.

Orbital Comics is one of the finest comic shops in the UK. We stock everything the modern comic enthusiast could possibly desire, from weekly shipments of imports, tons of those hard to find back-issues, graphic novels and all the latest trade paperbacks for all you trade waiters out there.

Orbital is very conveniently located in London's West End, just a few seconds away from Leicester Square Station. We are open seven days a week, from 10:30 to 19:00 Mondays to Saturdays and 11:30 to 5:00 on Sundays, with an extra half hour every Wednesday and Thursday. For more information, visit

Garry Leach studied Graphic Design at St. Martin's School of Art. He was first noted for his early work for 2000 AD, which was mainly on one-off stories featuring Dan Dare and M.A.C.H. 1. He then became a fan-favourite for his work on Judge Dredd, Future Shocks and the series The VCs.

In 1981 he joined Quality Communications. where he worked as art director and was the first artistand co-creator with Alan Moore on the revival of Marvelman in Warrior. Leach and Alan Moore also created Warpsmith for Warrior together; Warpsmith featured in its own strip and eventually became a supporting character in Marvelman. With Dave Elliott, Leach set up Atomeka Press in 1988. Their first title was the anthology title, A1. Other titles Leach has worked on includeGarth Ennis and John McCrea's Hitman , Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency and with Chris Weston on Marvel’s The Twelve. He was also the cover artist for Garth Ennis’ highly successful Dan Dare series with Virgin Comics and for Ennis’ war series Battlefields for Dynamite Entertainment.

Dave Elliott has more than 25 years of experience working in every aspect of the comic book industry from writer and artist to editor and publisher.He has worked on diverse titles such as A1, Deadline, Heavy Metal, Penthouse Comix, 2000 AD, Justice League of America, Transformers, GI Joe and Doctor Who.

In 2006, Dave co-founded Radical Studios. As both the co-publisher and Editor-In-Chief, Dave was integral to the development and launch of Radical’s premiere comic book titles, which included Hercules, Caliber (created by Sam Sarkar of The Vault), Freedom Formula, City of Dust (created by Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night), Hotwire (created by Steve Pugh) and Lords of Misrule, as well as a complete re-imagining of Aladdin, which was conceived by Dave.The success of these titles led to Radical winning the Diamond Comic Distributor's Gem Award for New Comic Book Publisher of the Year in 2009. Currently, Dave serves as Editor-In-Chief of Benaroya Publishing, a subsidiary of Benaroya Pictures, with titles Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen released under the Image Comics brand. Additionally, Dave Elliott has worked with the band Fall Out Boy for Image Comics’ Fall Out Toy Works as well as with Nascar/MMI to create and brand new IP, which he sites as examples of new media integration for a more immersive entertainment experience.