New Arrivals: July 13, 2011

This is a big week folks. It's probably the last week for two weeks to get your full pull list as Comic-Con invades San Diego next week. With that comes the massive lines and convention exclusives, but we're still one week away. That means there are some books at stores that you'll want to check out and this week I'd highly advise checking out Charismagic #2.

Everything you know about magic is still slated to vanish in Charismagic #2 by Vince Hernandez, Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez. Las Vegas magician has learned of his cat's, Sprinkles, ability to talk and cast magic. Sudana realizes she's too late to stop Samsun's return to the Earth realm, hurrying on a mission to contact the one person that can help stop him.

Check out Omnicomic's review here. And just because I'm keen on you check out the San Diego Exclusive cover below.


New Arrivals: July 13, 2011