Preview - The Claw & Fang

Claws and fangs typically signify vicious pairing that can injure or kill you. When Blue Water Comics brings the two together they end up with a graphic novel by the same name in The Claw & Fang, written by Mike Kutcher and illustrated by Matias Balsa and Steve Babb. Set to be released July 20, in it the demon named Noro has been banished for 3,000 years by a powerful young Celtic King. In that time, he's found ample time to plan his return, being unleashed by those who wish to use him for their own gain. A young video gamer born with the heart and soul of an ancient warrior, Justin escapes the monotony of his daily life by spending every waking hour living in an online fantasy world. Forced by fate, Justin must confront real life to save us all.

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