Review - Space Warped #2

I'm big Star Wars fan and have been one since the first time I saw the A New Hope for the first time. From reading the books to playing the games (even the Star Wars card game for a bit with that being a story of its own), anything and everything Star Wars I just ate it up. Now if you told me that someone would take the original trilogy and turn it into a tongue and cheek humor comic I wouldn’t have believed you until I started reading Space Warped.

Space Warped #2 continues the Star Wars saga in a different manner with it being based on a single planet and a medieval setting that just makes it even more hilarious to read. All the characters have names that are close to their names from Star Wars (and Star Trek), with the likes of Jean-Luc, Bernard, Al, the Druids instead of droids and, of course, Lord Salvador instead of Vader.

In case you missed the first issue let me catch you up to speed. Lady Leica has been captured by Lord Salvador and sent the Druids off on their mission to find Old Bernard. These events set into motion an epic adventure for Jean-Luc that gets all the way up to him and Old Bernard making it to Moleskine in search of ship.

The second issue picks up with showing the hero and crew making their escape from white helmet troopers and heading towards Aldente to deliver the Druids' message. Meanwhile Lord Salvador and the Dread Castle are up to no good as they are going to blow up Aldente. Do I need to tell this tale to you? Who doesn’t know the Star Wars saga? Unless you've lived under a rock the last 35 years everyone knows it.

What also makes this comic such a great read is the dialogue and the artwork that reminds me of Angry Birds or Castle Crashers. That real cartoony style of drawing by Speissart just works so well with the Bourhis' great dialogue. And man is the dialogue good in this series. The stormtrooper lookalikes especially kill me as they remind me of Spaceballs and the part where they are combing the desert. Just classic comedy at its best.

Going into it I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after finishing the second issue I cannot wait for the next one. How they tell this amazing saga is what makes the series what it is and maybe after this run through they can take on the first three movies and actually make me care about them. What I will tell you is this comic is awesome if you are fan of Star Wars, comics, or just good humor then you will laugh throughout reading this series. I highly suggest it.