The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer

The Walking Dead was a surprise hit in 2010. So surprising that AMC only ordered six episodes...six episodes which seemed to go way to fast. The second season is set to debut October 16 and good grief will it amp everything up to 11.

Sure, a lot of the trailer probably happens in the first episode. The great thing is though that this season looks to really focus on the group splitting apart. They're sort of past the "rally around humanity" phase and are moving into the "every man for himself" phase. This show conveys the tone so well and the trailer for season two is downright chilling. You'd be hard pressed to say many shows are better than The Walking Dead.

If you didn't watch the first season you've got some time to catch up. It's highly advisable you do because this fall, everyone will be talking about The Walking Dead on AMC.