DCU Online Releases Fortress of Solitude Expansion

Sure, there was that time back in May where the PSN was down. That didn't stop everyone from enjoying DCU Online but it certainly stopped a good number of them. That's in the past though as the game has been humming along since then. What's about to make it even smoother is the release of the "Fortress of Solitude" expansion.

The expansion boasts the reluctant team-up of Superman and Lex Luthor fighting against enemies controlling the icy base. Those enemies just so happened to be controlled by Braniac. The expansion features an Eight-Man Group Combat Raid play mode, as well as new gear and loot (including three Kryptonian-inspired armor sets, heroes' suits with Superman's "S" logo and villains will have a "Z" logo for "Zod", as well as two Braniac inspired PvP armor sets). Additionally, there's the Fortress of Solitude PvP Deathmatch Arena, Batcave Group Combat Raid Hard Mode and Hive Mode Alert.

The expansion is available now for download. Lex Luthor doesn't like to be kept waiting. Full press release after the jump.

Braniac is back and on a mission to take control of Superman's most sacred hideout, the Fortress of Solitude, in DC Universe Online's (DCUO) latest game update. Join forces with Superman and Lex Luthor as they reluctantly team up to ward off Braniac's attempt to use the Kryptonian technology inside the Fortress to destroy the Earth.

Players will jump into the first of a three-part group combat raid where the battle is already underway and the arctic Fortress is under siege by Braniac and his minions. Superman and Lex Luthor will lead players through the maze of ice caverns that lead to the Fortress's entrance as they battle against the powerful forces controlling the icy base.

Licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the critically acclaimed DC Universe Online is the first massive online action game made for the PC and the PlayStation®3 featuring real-time combat action where players control every move. In the game, players are invited to step into the DC Universe™ and create their own customized super hero or villain, and join forces to fight alongside or against their favorite DC icons. Now available, the Fortress of Solitude content update is included at no additional charge for all active DC Universe Online PC and PlayStation®3 Computer Entertainment System subscriptions.The new content update for DCUO includes:

Fortress of Solitude Game Update Features:

Fortress of Solitude Eight-Man Group Combat Raid: Follow Superman and Lex Luthor as they team up to defeat Braniac and regain control of the Fortress of Solitude. Players will earn Marks of Distinction good towards purchasing new gear in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom.

New Gear & Loot: Part one of this three part raid series will introduce a new high level gear set featuring three Kryptonian-inspired armor sets, heroes' suits with Superman's "S" logo, and villains will have a "Z" logo for "Zod", as well as two Braniac inspired PvP armor sets.

Fortress of Solitude PvP Deathmatch Arena: For the true PvP lover, players can test their skills along with seven other friends in the first PvP Deathmatch Arena.
New Hard Mode Alerts: Hard Mode: Harder version requires four people and offers Tier 2 Gear.

Batcave Group Combat Raid Hard Mode: The original Batcave Raid that launched with the game is now also available as a four-player Group Combat Alert.
HIVE Hard Mode Alert: Now offered in a "Hard Mode" version, the HIVE Alert takes the challenge to a whole new level of fun and rewards players with Marks of Distinction.

The game update is available now for download.

For more information about DC Universe Online, visit www.DCUniverseOnline.com.

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