Leaks Ruining the Wait for The Dark Knight Risesz

Comic based movies are all the rage nowadays. With the amount of crappy "original" movies coming out of Hollywood, comic based movies are mostly the safe bet for a good movie experience. This isn’t always the case though, as Jonah Hex comes to mind, but the Christopher Nolan Batman films are ones that certainly don’t disappoint.

Now with little less than a year away from The Dark Knight Rises the anticipation is only building for what will be an epic movie. With such a fervor for any and all information Batman it would seem a lot of amateur photographers and videographers have been getting antsy, snapping photos and videos of the filming to post for all to see.

I ask though is all of that necessary? Does it not ruin the surprise you will get when seeing the movie as how Nolan intended if you see the leaks beforehand?

This time around it feels like every day or week new photos pop up or videos showing off some scenes as they film in Pittsburgh this time around instead of Chicago. Maybe even that could be the case, with a different city making it easier to sneak onto set perhaps. Something feels different this time around as there was even video footage of the Catwoman stunt double obliterating one of the IMAX cameras with the Batpod. And now a more recent video has emerged showcasing another vehicle of Batman in action.

I don’t know if it's the changing times or lax security that has lead to so many leaks of footage and photos of this third movie. I remember waiting for The Dark Knight, wondering how Heath Ledger would portray the Joker and what direction the movie will go. I don’t think ever got so much as a hint of how the movie would be except for what the studio and ad campaign let out with the "Why So Serious" ads and hints.

All of that only built up the want to see this movie while not giving away any of the look or things we might see in it. Now it's damn hard to not want to check out all this sneak peak information and get a clue of just how good The Dark Knight Rises is going to be.

Sure it doesn’t help anything with everyone under the sun having a smartphone with a camera on it who can shoot to their heart's content, but I think revealing too much takes some of that aura off of the movie and really takes away any genuine surprise you might feel seeing it whole. It’s akin to watching a magic show, but being backstage seeing how it is all done and it takes away from your enjoyment of seeing it without that knowledge.

The Dark Knight Rises is the biggest movie on the horizon for comic book fans short of The Avengers, making the need to find out anything and everything about it this movie at an all time high. As the coming months come and go before its opening day next summer I'm sure more aspects of the film are going to be revealed. You'll want to look and see what brilliance Nolan has come up with now, but you will be looking at an unfinished product without the proper context.

Honestly I hope they get the set more under control and stop all the spoilers from popping up as the first two movies didn’t need this sort to build up and this one definitely doesn’t need it. I would hate for the next spoiler to come out that will ruin something big they are putting in the movie that will also ruin the experience of watching this masterpiece on the big screen in its entirety.

What say you? Do you think all this spoilers improve your outlook and desire to see this movie or does getting glimpses of it cheapen it a bit?