New Arrivals: August 17, 2011

This week has some good stuff coming out that will improve the look of your shelves while also hitting your wallet. Besides checking out titles such as Executive Assistant: Orchid #2, Sam Worthington would be pleased as punch if you would give his new comic a go. If you haven't been paying attention then you wouldn't know the name of the new comic is Damaged and the debut issue is slated to hit stores this week.

Created by Michael and John Schwarz and written by David Lapham with illustrations by Leonardo Manco (cover by Alex Maleev), Damaged #1 follows the lives of two policemen, brothers Frank and Henry Lincoln. Frank chooses to uphold justice through the law while Henry decides on a shadier path when it comes to enforcing justice that law isn't equipped to enforce.

Fast forward 35 years to where Frank is a veteran of the San Francisco PD and about retire. Life is never that easy though, as his last case has him investigating a string of vigilante killings that stir memories of Henry. Meanwhile, Henry is about to retire as well, finding himself too old to continue his violent lifestyle.


New Arrivals: August 17, 2011