New Arrivals: August 31, 2011

Summer is almost behind us and new comics are still in front of us. Especially this Wednesday, when BOOM! Comics unleashes part of the washing cycle in The Rinse #1.

The Rinse #1 isn't a comic about washing machine cycles. Rather, the Gary Phillips written book (illustrated by Marc Laming) is a special debut issue where high finance and low-down greed make ugly appearances. Jeff Sinclair is the premiere laundryman in San Francisco unwillingly pulled into a dangerous gig that involves laundering $25 million in stolen casino skim money.

The book is described as "a grounded, gritty look at the world of money laundering in the vein of Elmore Leonard." Now, fans of Justified know who Elmore Leonard and anything in that realm is something that merits my attention.


New Arrivals: August 31, 2011