Preview - Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 5: Kurt Busiek

Vampirella has created quite a name for herself, all things considered. Definitely more of a cult following type of character, she's entering the modern era thanks to Kurt Busiek. Now she's entering the even more modern era via a massive collection of stories in Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 5: Kurt Busiek.

The book includes the classic limited series "Morning in America" and pits her against the Cult of Chaos and the Unseelie Congress. The volume also includes three short stories from the Vampirella Summer Nights Special from 1992, chronicling some of the key players from "Morning in America," including Adam and Pendradon. Vampirella: Dracula War issues 1-4 is also thrown in for good measure.

"Vampirella was so hot I used to buy every comic I could get my hands on. The fact she didn’t exist didn’t bother me because we have these quintessential female images in our mind..."

– James Cameron, Director of Avatar, Titanic, Aliens and Terminator

The work features a story by Kurt Busiek and Tom Sniegoski, in addition to art by Dave Cockrum, Louis LaChance and Louis Small. Michael Kaluta throws in a cover and book will set you back $24.99 when it hits stores this Wednesday. Interiors after the jump.