Review - Avengelyne #2

Hope you're ready for some more heaven, hell, hot women and good, bloody action once again as this week we get Avengelyne #2.

For a second issue this was a damn good one. It had a great bit of backstory about just who Avengelyne is and the sort of eternal battle she's been fighting. Where the first issue gave us the introduction to Avengelyne and this new series she finds herself in, this second issue goes into the grittier details of her past trials.

Focusing on her latest troubles her enemy has been revealed as Red Dragon- in Avengelyne’s own body no less. Red Dragon has two goals: to find her new apprentice Torment and to cause Avengelyne as much pain as possible and eventually death.

This issue doesn’t disappoint with the bit of blood and violence from a guy being jacked through with a big sword, to a Santa on the street getting disemboweled. Once again Owen Gieni's artwork does the action justice as it pops out of the page,really catching your eyes. On top of that we have a good battle royale fight between Avengelyne and Red Dragon as the two of them throw down in an all out brawl through Heaven’s apartment and down into the street.

The second issue kicks up the level of intensity the first issue brought and goes even higher. When it comes to going big or going home the creative team is pulling out all the stops with this series. Rob Liefeld and Mark Poulton do a damn good comic and the artwork by Gieni just presents the story precisely. It does a great job of blending dramatic close-ups with shots of the characters popping out at you in other panels. (The Santa scene comes to mind as far as imagery popping off the page).

There are so many directions this story can go with the way this second issue ended and there is a lot more work for Avengelyne to get done. It's sure to lead to one hell of a dramatic third issue that will lead to more in the future I hope. I'm looking forward to the next issue as am sure there is going to be a lot more action, more blood and more hot women going toe to toe.

I've really enjoyed the series after only these two issues as it has all the right parts that make a good comic (and the hot females don’t hurt it either). With only one more issue in this series arc I see it ending on a high note for the moment, but not too long a wait before we get to see Avengelyne once again.

The book should be in stores this week with interiors below.