Review - Executive Assistant: Lotus #2

Lotus is one of the "flowers" that are Executive Assistants, all of whom are part of the global Hit List Agenda. Executive Assistant: Lotus #2 continues the saga of Rani, an EA to a man named Virat. The title is written by Vince Hernandez and illustrated by Oliver Nome (colors by Emilio Lopez and lettering by Josh Reed).

Executive Assistant: Lotus #2 is more about exploring the character of Lotus than anything else. She's been faithful to Virat in his quest to destroy Pakistan for the sake of India and it's nice to see Hernandez has worked in real world conflict as the backdrop for the story. The rest of the issue really showcases the talents of Lotus as an EA, namely in her close-quarters combat and jet-setting skills.

The issue moves along fairly predictably (helped along by Lotus telegraphing her every move and decision with inner monologue boxes). There's a twist at the end that sets up the third issue to be something epic. Executive Assistant: Iris is also "haunting" the Hit List Agenda storyline as the definitive Executive Assistant.

The writing by Hernandez is rather uneventful when it's all said and done. This isn't a knock on Hernandez. Rather, the second issue really just moved the players into position for the third issue and doesn't have much in the way of action. Oliver Nome's illustrations feature clean lines. There are a lot close-ups of the characters and add some intensity to the scenes. The colors by Lopez are somewhat muted and darker, keeping with the tone of the story.

Executive Assistant: Lotus #2 is similar to the other EA stories. Lotus is faced with a tough situation and has to get out of it, all the while Iris is looming as the go-to Executive Assistant. It's a fairly slow moving issue and has little in the way of action, but readers of the Hit List Agenda won't want to miss this one. It should be in stores now and interiors are below.