Review - The Magic Theater #1

Entomologists out there probably know a great deal about "chrysalis," the pupal stage of some butterflies. The stage is pivotal in the insect turning into a butterfly and is often accompanied by little movement and lots of confusion. It's an appropriate title as well for The Magic Theater #1, written by Antonio Taboada
and Illustrated by Rafael Ortiz.

The comic follows Vic, a womanizing lover of life who really doesn't love anything else other than fast cars and modern fashions. Clearly not even that is enough for him as he tries to find a way out of his life, prompting a trip the hospital and a strange vision featuring a suited man in a fedora. It's this man that takes it upon himself to present Vic enigma after enigma in questioning his existence and desire to live.

What follows is Vic drifting through life relatively aimlessly and learning he can't die. His previous near death experience transformed him into something new entirely, although what he's been transformed into isn't entirely clear. Even his new lease on life can't save him from dealing with destiny, as the issue ends with Vic in yet another precarious situation

Taboada has created a solid first issue here that has a decent hook and asks you to come back for more. There's intrigue surrounding Vic and what exactly has happened to him, as it seems that powers from beyond are interfering with his life in some way. The illustrations by Ortiz are black and white and add grittiness to the tale, promising the reader this isn't something where everything works out in the end.

What's great about the comic is that it really makes you think. What would it take to truly humble someone like Vic? And is a man like that even capable of being humbled? It's not clear with the conclusion of the first issue if any of the events have had any impact whatsoever on Vic, but you can be sure when he wakes up in the second issue that his predicament might strike a chord or two.

It's only the first issue but curiosity has definitely been piqued with the issue. The issue is currently available at What the Flux?! Comics. Check it out for an interesting read.