Review - The Red WIng #2

Stories about time have been told in many different ways. Some say it's linear, others that it's concurrent and everything's happening at the same time. You name it and it's been done, making time a character all on its own. What if time travel was used not just to visit the past or see the future, but to actually change the past in such a way to take over the future? When I say time is a character of its own I mean that literally as the people from the future are going back into the past to change many things, but to also strip the past of resources for the future. Wrap your head around that one.

The Red Wing #2 by Image Comics continues the saga and, in my opinion, combines so many facets of sci-fi it’s a little mind blowing. It's written by Jonathan Hickman and features art by Nick Pitarra and Rachelle Rosenberg

In this issue we learn more about Dominic’s father and what happened to him all those years ago when he was jumping through time. Robert was trapped in a primitive age living among them as he figures to be lost in time with no way to repair his ship, but teaching those around him about war and life. For Robert there is no escape (no matter what time he's in) as his "rescue" doesn't end exactly as planned. These sinister beings travel through time changing the past and stripping them of resources for their future, in the process revealing a secret to Robert he can't believe.

For his son Dominic it's more training and learning to do the job his father did before him. In addition to finding his own path among the rest and among time itself as he struggles to change his thinking and outrun the ghost of his lost father. This dynamic story between father and son is proving to be the one thing that stays no matter what time it is and it’s what is shaping something dramatic to come about. With the way this issue ended there is no telling where this series is going to go next since anywhere in time could be a destination.

The creative team have created an epic tale that fits well into sci-fi lore; when reading this comic so many sci-fi movies and TV shows come to mind. The thing about The Red Wing though is that it combines a lot of the best sci-fi has to offer. At times you don’t know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are- if you can even call one or the other bad or good. This comic is layered and damn good at doing such layering. I haven’t read a comic like this in a while with all the twists and storytelling they have going on.

The artwork has a shaded feel to it and is fitting when the characters draw your attention to the action with some beautifully rendered backgrounds too. It does an excellent job of showcasing how time affects everything, changing the players involved and changing just who is fighting to save the future and who is out to destroy it. The ships they use to jump through time remind me of those used in Battlestar Galatica or The Last Starfighter.

If you want a mind bending comic this one is right in your wheelhouse. It's only two issues in and you'll want to read them over and over just so you don’t miss anything. With two more issues to go I'm intrigued as to how time will throw me another loop in this story. A great comic and damn good series so far and cannot wait for the next issue to hit the stands. I suggest you pick this one and be ready to have your mind messed with.