Review - The Rinse #1

A lot of people think money is dirty, whether it be covered in fine layer of cocaine, in blood or even burnt. Money goes through all sorts of hell to get into your pocket to be spent. Money is also considered dirty when earned by less than legal means and with money like that it has to be cleaned. That is where a launder comes into play- someone who will be your best friend when you have a ton of dirty money that needs cleaning.

This underworld business must have some crazy stories of its own that would show you things a normal person might never know. BOOM! Studios decided to shed some light on this sort of life with the new comic series called The Rinse, with the first issue out today.

Taking money earned from illegal activity and making it clean takes a level of skill and intelligence that most people shouldn’t mess with it as the risks are high. For Jeff Sinclair these risks are just a part of his day as anyone who needs money cleaned in California knows he's the man to talk to. In The Rinse #1, Sinclair gets that one job where the risk is ever so much higher and the amount involved is in the millions. On top of that it's money stolen from a powerful man in Vegas. Sinclair isn’t the kind of of guy to back down thought, not when he's set to make a handsome fee on rinsing twenty-five million of this guy’s dirty money that a lot of people are wanting back.

This issue is full of intrigue and twists that are sure to keep you guessing who is helping whom and will make you wonder if Sinclair is going to be able to make it through this one. There are a lot of players getting involved with this one job and the twenty-five million at the heart of it all.

Artist Marc Laming's artwork was pretty damn cool nice use of shading and a dark look, yet was still bright in a way that made the story come alive. The characters and the background blend together that make all the panels fit precisely with the story and from what I read in this issue I can't wait for the next one. Writer/creator Gary Phillips and Laming have some damn fine work on their hands. Hopefully this series will run for good long bit.

If you're a fan of this style of story then The Rinse is definitely worth the read and a series to jump into with both feet. For a buck that's a deal you can’t beat. The book is in stores today with interiors below.