Defense With the BoomStick

(Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally was a post of news and tip to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now has became a story of my fight after being bitten and partially cured to walk as half zombie among them.)

Damn it feels good to be a zombie.

Since I'm broadcasting to you now, it's safe to say victory was mine this day. I'm broadcasting live from what remains of that heavily fortified bandit outpost I was almost slain at last week. This time around it was them who were caught unawares, as they were swarmed upon from all sides by a horde of zombies that when one was killed three took its place.

It was one hell of a bloody time for bandit and zombie alike, to tell the truth felt good to exact more revenge on them both. I know that might not be the best way to be, but what more can I lose as I'm stuck being this half zombie bred with no chance of curing it so revenge is what I will do best.

I can’t take all the credit for the victory as that horde of zombies did most of the work in the distraction and also once a breach was made in the wall. The only reason the horde was around the area was because of all the noise and explosions from my last attack on the outpost.

All that drew them in slowly until larger and larger groups formed together making life around the outpost hell. It got to the point where there were so many they stopped trying to shoot them and just hunkered down behind their walls. I could hear them in there trying to figure a way out.

This sort of indecision and fear on their part is all I needed to mount my attack and destroy this spot once and for all. I've been stuck at this location for too long, allowing the others of these bandit groups to move against me, fortify other spots set up traps and the longer I stay here the less likely I will be completely successful.

With such a massive horde of zombies milling about I was able to move in and about them getting closer to the wall and set my own charges, blowing a hole in their wall and allowing all the zombies to go pouring in. Once they got in it was a bloodbath needless and not a one of the bandits made it out alive, with all of them now a part of the zombie army spreading back out to who knows where.

It feels good to savor victory for once and not have to run for my life so soon afterwards. I wanna say there isn’t a bandit or foe within fifty miles of this place so I can linger for at least another day.

Right now my biggest fear are those superish zombies that like the taste of live or dead flesh and have it out for me. Those are the ones that can end me the same or worse as a bullet to the head and I have a sneaking suspicion that all this fighting and death is going to bring them out in droves.

I'll plan my next move and get a move on tomorrow. Until next week keep surviving.